Community RePaint

Community RePaint

News September 16, 2015
Community RePaint

Taking home tins of paint without spending pots of money – or any money at all – is in prospect for Nottinghamshire residents at Newark Waste Recycling Centre on Brunel Drive as the centre trials extended opening hours on the last of this summer’s Community RePaint sessions.

Community RePaint Nottinghamshire has given away thousands of litres of surplus paint since the scheme launched in 2010, initially giving paint to community groups, theatre groups and charities.

But since April this year the scheme has been opened up to all Nottinghamshire residents and the last monthly session for 2015 will extend the opening hours for paint collection to 12-6pm on Monday 21st September. Booking is essential, so that manageable numbers of paint collectors can view what’s available. Anyone interested should book a time slot by calling 0300 500 8080.

Matt Adey, Environmental Projects Manager at Newark and Sherwood District Council said: “It’s much better for the environment if paint can be recycled by being re-used, and this also benefits the individuals or organisations who take the paint.

“There is no guarantee on what colours and types will be available but there’s usually plenty of choice. All the tins are at least half-full and are labelled and displayed on shelves in the Community RePaint Nottinghamshire container according to colour and type.

“Tins of paint should never be put in your bin at home, unless they are empty or contain only solid dried-up paint residue. When paint tins from a wheelie bin are crushed in the back of a rubbish truck, paint can spill onto the street and cause problems. If paint is buried in a landfill, the toxic chemicals it contains can contaminate the ground. And it should never be poured down sinks or drains as this could pollute our water courses.

“A much better idea is to donate unwanted household paint to our Community Repaint scheme and in doing so help out community groups, housing associations and individual residents who can put the paint to good use.”