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Extracts from The Bramley 30 Years Ago October 15, 2013


So live football league soccer on TV has finally arrived. It’s difficult to understand why the television companies have gone to all the expense and trouble to bring us a handful of ‘star billing’ matches through a season.

If they had any inkling of what was going on in local league football they could have saved themselves a lot of money and served the community a lot better. Saturday October 1st saw a football match on the park in Southwell to rival any First Division game as far as skill, excitement and sheer entertainment are concerned.

City was playing host to chamionship hopefuls Keyworth Utd and really faced a daunting task following their previous week’s visit to Rainworth where they were sent packing on the wrong end of a 5-1 result. The prospect of having to go out against the Keyworth side whcih had already dispatched Rainworth earlier in the season by 3 goals to nil was not the most heartening. However, the City lads took on the challenge and set off with purpose and determination.

Some of the wind was taken out their sails when a penalty was awarded agaisnt them after 15 minutes. The visitors seized the opportunity and went ahead. City retained their compusure and their efforst were rewarded five minutes before half time when Graham Atkins bulletted a header into the back of the net following a corner. A good time to score, but a lpase of concentration in defence allowed Keyworth’s number 8 through a gap and he set them back in front for half time.

The second half set off furiously and in no time at all ‘Acko’ headed another for City’s equaliser again. The pace did not relax – if anything it increased. Both sides were playing with imagination and commitment and it was real end-to-end stuff. Keyworth drew ahead again, however, from the penalty spot after the last man on the goal line plamed a long range shot over the bar. Unfortunately he was’t the Keeper and so the visiting penalty specialist netted his spot kick.

Only minutes later Nev Marks side-footed the ball round the goalie and secured what was to be the equaliser for City. A great game indeed!