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City Desk

Extracts from The Bramley 30 Years Ago February 11, 2014

So the wintry weather has had a devestating effect yet again on the football fixtures throughout the land. Snow and ice have recently forced the pools panel to sit and deliberate over what might have been and decide whether or not hundreds of thousands of pounds shall change some fortunate punter’s lifestyle.

Only a few weeks ago however, we saw live on TV that the Queen’s Park Rangers FC are not prepared to let their pools value be judged by some collection of academic cognoscenti. Their astroturf surface ensures that they can keep their supporters secure in the knowledge of regular home fixtures whatever the weather. Grabted that criticisms can be made about the unnaturel effect that the surface has on the coeffieicient of restitution of a sheriod colliding with a semi-resistant plane (the bounce of the ball!). But there is security of knowledge in the mids of the club accountants that cash will flow in through the turnstiles and therefore, the coefficient of restitution of money orders of their bankers should remain fairly constant.

Local effects

City’s team have had to take an enforced rest too, both from competitive matches and training. The outside floodlit area for Wednesday evening training at the Leisure Centre has taken quite a pounding and is showing the obvious scars. Evidently there is a plan to set up all-weather outside traiing facilities at the centre and it would certainly prove to be a valuable asset when inclement weather comes along. How long might it be before full match all weather surface are made available locally?