Southwell Patient Participation Group

Southwell Patient Participation Group (SPPG) is part of a national network of patient groups, all of whom work in partnership with their local surgeries to assist in the delivery of quality services. We work together to help patients to take more responsibility for their own health, to contribute to the improvement of services and quality of care, to improve communication between the practice and its’ patients and to provide support for the practice and help implement change.

What does this mean locally for patients? In 2019 we have engaged speakers to come to the quarterly meetings to share information, in April we had a speaker on Newark Hospital services, in July the surgery itself gave members invaluable information about the workings of the surgery and its staff, in October we will have a speaker on mental health issues and at the AGM in January 2020 a speaker on the needs and services for carers.

All registered patients of Southwell Medical Centre are eligible to attend the meetings and we also welcome patients who may be unable to attend the meetings but would like the notes and information from meetings. Please contact the secretary of SPPG on smug2011@gmail.com for any further information or leave an envelope marked for the secretary at the medical centre.