Hockerton Housing Project

Hockerton Housing Project

Hockerton Housing Project is a local eco-housing development with an associated cooperative business. It hosts tours and courses for all ages, and provides consultancy services to help others deliver sustainability in their home, community or workplace.

The five earth-sheltered sustainable homes are built with high thermal mass and high levels of insulation to eliminate the need for heating systems. The development has solar PV panels and wind turbines to generate its own clean energy to meet its remaining energy demand. Residents also grow most of their own food, harvest and treat their own water and recycle waste materials.

Housing professionals, schools and universities travel from across the UK and from as far afield as South Korea, China and Australia to visit the pioneering development, and the general public are welcome to join one of the six public tours each year. Additional courses, from Christmas Wreath-making to EcoHome masterclasses, are advertised on their website, via their newsletter and social media channels.

Find Hockerton Housing Project on facebook, twitter and instagram @HockertonHP, email contact@hockertonhousingproject.org.uk or call 01636 816902.