Brackenhurst Museum Exhibition

Brackenhurst Museum Exhibition

Extracts from The Bramley 30 Years Ago February 9, 2012
Brackenhurst Museum Exhibition

February 6th – March 14th in the Museum, King Street car park, Southwell

The purpose of our exhibition is to convey to visitors the variety of courses which we hold at Brackenhurst and we have endeavored to capture interest by contrasting some of the current equipment with that used many years ago. Visitors will recognise the difficulty of portraying modern equipment in a small exhibition of this type and we have relied to some extent on photographs.

Note however our most modern aid to farming – the micro-chip of the computer. Contrast the computer print out with the cumbersome record books of a former age. Compare the one-horse power motors and note that not all farm equipment has increased in size. Examine the bulky tile drains – some hand made and consider how much simpler and, hopefully, more efficient is the threading of the continuous plastic drainage pipe through the soil.

Being mindful of the current interest in conservation we have included a contribution by the Nottinghamshire Farming and Wild Life Advisory Group. Their work includes the provision of a free advisory service to Nottinghamshire farmers on the creation and conservation of wild-life habitat on farmland. The body made up of farmers and others has as its main objective the conservation of wild-life within satisfactory agricultural practice.

Finally for those of you interested in the courses that we offer please take away the appropriate leaflet and do not hesitate to come back to us for further information.