Bishop comments on Riots

Bishop comments on Riots

Extracts from The Bramley 30 Years Ago September 15, 2011

“People feel they can shout for help and no one listens.”

Commenting on the riots and the problems of our inner city areas, the Bishop of Southwell, the Rt Rev Denis Wakeling, preaching in Southwell Minster in July said: “These troubles come about because people feel that they can shout for help ad no one listens; all they get is people trying to justify themselves with big words. All this has come upon us because we haven’t bothered to notice one another, to feel responsibility for one another, to speak to one another and, above all, to hear one another.  The trouble lies not in others but in ourselves.  What sort of parents have we been?  What sort of neighbours?  What sort of workmates?  We have only been concerned for ourselves and now we complain if others object.”

“Let us pray that we can get through the next few weeks without breeding too much hatred for the future.  And let us now work at creating sensitive and sympathetic relationships in our society and stop shouting slogans at one another.”

Earlier the Bishop said; “Our thoughts go out to all those who carry heavy responsibility for the protection of lives and property, the Police and those who have to make decisions of policy in such places a Nottingham and men and women of good will in statutory and voluntary organisations who are standing by those who are frightened and in danger. Yesterday I rang the Vicar of Hyson Green who was busy setting up a refuge for the elderly in his parish hall and seeking to provide support for those who were living alone in an area of real fear – solid, worthwhile constructive work! Our task today surely is not to open our big mouths in condemnation of those who are genuinely trying to do their best in difficult situations.  It is easy to blame other politicians, unemployment, the police, the coloured people or even the do-gooders for all our troubles.”

The Bishop was preaching at the annual Nottinghamshire County Council Civic Service.