Bilsthorpe Flooding

Bilsthorpe Flooding

Extracts from The Bramley 30 Years Ago November 19, 2013

Councillor Bert Tuck of Bilsthorpe made an impassioned plea recently to councillors and officers of the District Council and the Severn Trent Water Authority to do something quickly to remedy the flooding problems experienced in Bilsthorpe.

“For 18 years the residents in certain parts of Bilsthorpe have suffered flooding every year. It is time to act.” said Count. Tuck.

The three sites particularly affected are Mickledale Close, Cheyenne Drive and Oaktree Close.

The Dostrict Council has already initiated certain action to alleviate the problem, namely a flood bank is to be built to contain the rising waters of the stream at its new level. In addition, the fould sewers will be repaired and work on these two fronts should be complet by March 1984.

Extract from The Bramley November 1983