All Change for Pensions

All Change for Pensions

Business News March 11, 2015
All Change for Pensions

April 2015 will see major changes to the rules on how and when you access your pension, plus how it is treated upon your death.

Headlines have focussed on greater ‘pension freedom’ but there could be serious tax implications to withdrawing your entire fund in one go. There are also new rules which could affect your inheritance tax position. The age of 75 is still going to be important, but the way death benefits are to be treated is to alter.

Whatever your age or situation, the core principles of retirement planning remain the same. They have always been to take stock of your pensions, investments, cash and property and make your plans with all of the different sources in mind. Used correctly in conjunction with one another, they should provide a sustainable lifetime income that is tax efficient and makes provision for your dependants and descendants where possible.

The decisions that you make as you approach retirement will affect you and your family for the rest of your lives and seeking professional financial advice will help you make the most of your current position and the opportunities that will exist from April 2015.

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James Garman, Head of Retirement Specialists