A Rewarding Summer Adventure

A Rewarding Summer Adventure

News October 8, 2019
A Rewarding Summer Adventure

The Newark and Sherwood link of the Chernobyl Children’s Lifeline (CCLL) is looking for new members, willing to host children from Belarus within their homes next summer.

Each summer, we bring over a group of children between the ages of 9 and 11, selected from the poorest of families in the community which we are linked to. Would you able to set aside between one and three weeks next summer between 25th July and 15th August?

We organise a full and active program of events for the children, we want it to be as full and memorable as possible. If your family has its own children, they will be welcome to join in with the program of events along with the Belarusian children you would host. All events are provided at no cost to our host families.

The children will be accompanied by an interpreter/leader for the duration of the visit. We offer a wealth of information before the children arrive and shall support you as best we can.

Our children are only able to have this adventure due to the amazing hospitality of our hosts families. They return home with a whole host of memories and often with a new sense of confidence and ambition. It really does leave a lasting impression and impact on these young minds.

Hosting Commitment

Next year’s visit will be split between two segments, each just over one week, 25th July to 3rd August and 7th August to 15th August. Would you be able to host children for either of these segments, or for both segments with a sizeable respite in between?

In between the two segments, the children will be taken camping, allowing for a respite, or the ability for families to partake in this adventure with a minimal amount of annual leave to be used.

You can read more information on our work and what being a host family means on our website, www.ccllnewark.org.uk or you can contact us at committee@ccllnewark.org.uk or 01636 678133 for more information.

Published October 2019