24 Hours in the Past

24 Hours in the Past

News May 6, 2015
24 Hours in the Past

Lookout for The Workhouse appearing in the BBC1 four-part series, 24 Hours in the Past, currently showing on Tuesdays at 9pm.

The show features six celebrities who spend 24 hours in some of Britain’s harshest nineteenth century workplaces. The Workhouse was chosen as a location for the series as it is the most complete surviving example of its kind.

Celebrities Ann Widdecombe, Tyger Drew-Honey, Alistair McGowan, Colin Jackson, Miquita Oliver and Zoe Lucker endured the back-breaking workhouse regime, slept in dormitories and even had to empty their chamber pots in the privies.

The final episode of the series will be shown on Tuesday 19th May. The accompanying ‘Fact or Fiction’ displays at The Workhouse will run from 17th May.

For more information please see www.nationaltrust.org.uk/theworkhouse

Image caption: Celebrities experience life at The Workhouse. Left- right: Zoe Lucker, Miquita Oliver, Tyger Drew-Honey, Ann Widdecombe, Alistair McGowan, Colin Jackson

Image credit: DSP, part of Endemol Shine Group